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Search for live chat from Eastern Province Chat Rooms including Dammam and nearby cities, Sayhat (11 km), Al Awjam (18 km), At Tubi (18 km), Al Qatif (18 km), Tarut (22 km), Dhahran (22 km), At Taraf (28 km), Safwa (28 km), Umm as Sahik (29 km), Khobar (29 km), Rahimah (36 km), Abqaiq (59 km), Madinat Hamad (59 km), Madinat 'Isa (60 km), Manama (61 km), Dar Kulayb (63 km), Al Muharraq (65 km), Al Hadd (67 km), Sitrah (68 km), Al Jubayl (74 km), Julayjilah (105 km), Al Mutayrifi (109 km), Al Battaliyah (112 km), Al Qarah (112 km), Al Markaz (113 km), Al Jafr (115 km), Al Mubarraz (117 km), Al Hufuf (118 km), Ar Ru'ays (126 km), Dukhan (138 km), Madinat ash Shamal (140 km), Fuwayrit (141 km), Ash Shahaniyah (162 km), Al Khawr (171 km).

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Results are based on a radius search of Dammam, Eastern Province with a Dammam center lookup of:
605، Dammam Saudi Arabia

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There are approximately 7,686 registered profiles from Dammam. Including surrounding areas of Sayhat, Al Awjam, At Tubi, Al Qatif, Tarut, Dhahran, At Taraf, Safwa, Umm as Sahik, Khobar, Rahimah, Abqaiq, Madinat Hamad, Madinat 'Isa, Manama, Dar Kulayb, Al Muharraq, Al Hadd, Sitrah, Al Jubayl, Julayjilah, Al Mutayrifi, Al Battaliyah, Al Qarah, Al Markaz, Al Jafr, Al Mubarraz, Al Hufuf, Ar Ru'ays, Dukhan, Madinat ash Shamal, Fuwayrit, Ash Shahaniyah, Al Khawr, there are over 32,304 members and growing every day.