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Search for live chat from Setubal Chat Rooms including Amora and nearby cities, Corroios (2 km), Arrentela (3 km), Sobreda (5 km), Charneca (5 km), Aldeia de Paio Pires (5 km), Almada (6 km), Barreiro (6 km), Santo Andre (6 km), Pragal (6 km), Caparica (7 km), Cacilhas (7 km), Santo Antonio da Charneca (8 km), Costa de Caparica (9 km), Trafaria (10 km), Alhos Vedros (11 km), Lisbon (11 km), Alges (12 km), Quinta do Anjo (13 km), Moita (13 km), Carnaxide (14 km), Linda-a-Velha (14 km), Montijo (16 km), Paco de Arcos (16 km), Moscavide (17 km), Barcarena (17 km), Amadora (17 km), Pontinha (17 km), Queluz (18 km), Olival do Basto (19 km), Carcavelos (19 km), Pinhal Novo (19 km), Sesimbra (19 km), Odivelas (19 km), Porto Salvo (19 km), Sacavem (19 km).

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Results are based on a radius search of Amora, Setubal with a Amora center lookup of:
Rua Assis Pacheco 987
2845 Amora

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There are approximately 1,051 registered profiles from Amora. Including surrounding areas of Corroios, Arrentela, Sobreda, Charneca, Aldeia de Paio Pires, Almada, Barreiro, Santo Andre, Pragal, Caparica, Cacilhas, Santo Antonio da Charneca, Costa de Caparica, Trafaria, Alhos Vedros, Lisbon, Alges, Quinta do Anjo, Moita, Carnaxide, Linda-a-Velha, Montijo, Paco de Arcos, Moscavide, Barcarena, Amadora, Pontinha, Queluz, Olival do Basto, Carcavelos, Pinhal Novo, Sesimbra, Odivelas, Porto Salvo, Sacavem, there are over 19,064 members and growing every day.